May 30, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I only wrote in the journal this morning and now I am writing the blog.  I almost did not do it because I have little to tell and I am tired.  The day did not go according to my plan, (which is usually always tentative and subject to change at a moment’s notice (unless there is an event I am committed to such as the writing groups, photograph class and chorus).  I like to leave myself open for spontaneous action.  Today was such a day.
I knew that I wanted to go downtown to see the International film at 2;00 PM.  Today’s movie was from the Netherlands called Dunya and Desie.  I thought I would come home and do a couple of book reviews in the evening.  That was what changed, but I will tell you more about that after I tell you something about the movie.
I got there late and missed at least the first 15 minutes.  The buses were rerouted when they got downtown due to a a Memorial Day Parade on State Street and I believe an event in Grant Park also.  I think I heard the bus driver say something about a Marathon.
Whenever they have to do such reroutes, the traffic becomes so backed up I cannot imagine how we could have ever thought we could handle the Olympics here and am glad that did not happen.  The bus drivers have enough of a hassle trying to tell visitors what bus they need to be taking to get where they want to go without being off of their usual routes and having to explain that to those on the bus or trying to get a bus where it usually does not stop  Anyway, that is what made me late.  I left home early enough for normal conditions.
The movie Dunya and Desie is about two young women living in Amsterdam, one Dutch and the other Muslim from Morocco.  I did not see how they met and became friends, but they did.  Both young women have some family problems and they go against the wishes of their families to remain friends and support each other in their crisis.  It showed how human emotions are identical no matter how different we may be in our cultural traditions.
When I was on the bus on my way home, a friend called.  She wanted to know if I wanted to go to a free buffet and music program in one of the suburbs.  She was not far from where I was, so I said I would meet her at the bus stop.  She picked me up and we went on a long drive.  She took a bad route.  We found out that the event was on Wednesday night,and she did not want to go to another program they were having tonight.  We stopped at a restaurant to eat dinner and she drove me home.  I had just gotten in a few minutes before I started writing this. 

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