May 23, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I am doing this blog entry earlier in the evening than I have been.  I want to do some reading before I go to bed.  I may write a bit too.
I went downtown today to see a German movie, Berlin is in Germany.  It was very well done with really engaging actors.  Of course it was in German with English subtitles.  The film dealt with the changes that took place in Germany after the tearing down of the Berlin wall, and adjustments people had to make to a changed lifestyle.
There was a question and answer session afterward and a young German shared that she was too young to know what was happening at the time, but that they were not even taught about it in school.   She is just now understanding what her family and her friends families went through then.
I know no one likes to remember bad experiences, and, we tend to feel that if we don’t talk about them they will go away.  But, that is not healthy to us, or useful to the next generation.  We should be told about even negative parts of our pasts, because as the saying goes "those who do not know they past are doomed to repeat it."  That may not be the exact words, but it is the right idea.

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