May 22, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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While doing my journal this morning, I came up with some more writing ideas and I got some more while on the bus heading downtown.  I went to the photography class and learned a little bit more about what I can do with some features of my camera that I have not used yet.  Our homework is to just take pictures and try out various settings and features of our cameras.  Some of the people in the class had just gotten cameras and knew nothing about them.  Others, like myself, have had them for quite awhile, but still do not know all of the things we can do with them.  I have to find out more about the manual settings  There are features there that I didn’t know were on the camera, let alone how to use them.  Oh, I have looked at the manual, but it does not explain things very well, and I have been satisfied using the automatic settings.  I just found out today, that, I can make a picture in black and white.  
Besides the photography class, there was our chorus rehearsal.  Tim has finally stopped adding to our program and we are not going over the most difficult parts of the hardest songs.  We spent most of our time on one song today.  Besides just getting us on key, Tim likes to have expression in the songs, by varying the tempos and volume.  Those are details he spends a lot of time going over with us.  That’s what makes him a good director.

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