May 18, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Did I mention as being another excellent of good writing information that is free?  I was just looking at the articles in the current issue and they are really informative.  The company also has a service you can pay for to have them critique, edit and/or promote your work, but they want you to send in samples.  They did not feel that they could get my poetry into a market, so I was rejected.  But maybe you can write something they will like better.
Today was a day I spent waiting.  I wanted to go to visit my aunt, (the last survivor of my mother’s family).  When I called in the morning, my cousin answered.  She said that her neices had spent the night with them and were still asleep and my aunt would call me back later.  I needed to get downtown while I could still use my bus card from yesterday.  I had to return the DVD that was due today, or I would have a $2.00 fine, (more if I kept it longer).  I did that and called my aunt again.  She told me that one of the girls had an appointment downtown and, because she does not know her way around the loop, my aunt said she was coming down with her.  I suggested that we could meet when they got out and go eat together.  She said she’d call when they were free.
I did a little shopping and went to the Cultural Center.  They were having a noonday concert, so I listened to a nice program of classical music played on the piano, flute, clarinet and cello, (no violins for a change).  It was a group called nhe Newleaf Ensemble.  They were very good, especially the cellist.  I never knew it was such a versatile instrument.  After that was over, I went to the Thompson building, (the one that looks like some sort of glass UFO), and browsed around inside, then waited outside for my aunt to call.  It was 4:00 PM before my cousin did and she apologized that they did not know it would take so long.  She said they were not going to meet me.  They had to get back home.  So, I went to get something to eat at Panda Express and came home myself.  The only writing I did today was the journal and this blog.

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