May 17, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning I had to scramble around the apartment looking for change for bus fare to get to church.  I had time for one more ride on a bus card I used yesterday, so I thought, but needed money for a second bus ride.  Well, the time I took getting the money together, walking to one bus and waiting for it, I missed getting to use the card by one minute. I had to use what I hoped would pay for a second bus ride.  When I got off of the first bus, I bought a newspaper and got $10.00 back from my debit card.  I bought apple pies at Mc Donald’s to break the $10.00 for the next bus fare.
I went to church, but did not have enough money to eat out.  I went to a currency exchange and bought a 1 day bus card to come home.  It will also get me to where I want to go tomorrow.  Then I’ll need to take more money from my account.
I think it will be safe to relate my close calls, because I don’t think anyone in my family will be reading this. It would worry them and they would pressure me to get out of the neighborhood.  I have heard enough of that from them already.
On the way from church on the bus, as I was getting up to go to the door to get off, I fell around the pole I was holding onto.  I hit my hip on the seat in front of me and my knee on another seat.  I will have some nice bruises, but it could have been worse, so that was close call one.
The second, was when I was walking from the bus stop.  I heard shots and saw some young men running.  They were a block away.  As much as I was curious about what was going on and would have liked to have gone over and asked someone, I knew that would not be a good idea.  I hear gunshots around here often, but this was the first time I was that close to one.  I was passing a church parking lot and the person watching the cars there was talking to people driving out and they were warning each other to be careful.  But, as they were saying, God is on our side no matter what happens to us. Of course, I thanked God for protecting me from both of these close calls.

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