May 16, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning, I did my journal and went to the library to return the DVD of A Clockwork Orange,, which was due back today.  While I was there, the library staff passed out flyers about a Chinese doctor giving a talk about Chinese medicine and Quigong exercise.  I decided that I would go to hear him because I am interested in finding natural ways of staying healthy.  I know a little bit about some of their practices, but not very much.
The doctor did a very good job of explaining the way they work with energy fields and the meaning of yin and yang.  His presentation was interesting and he talked about the kind of diet we need to keep our energy fields balanced and moving properly.  The keys elements are to eat little red meat, increase our consumption of fish, fruits and vegetables, (and cook them), and eat plenty of grains.  He also explained the exercises and had us do one.  He gave me encouragement to go back to the exercise tape I have and have not used for quite some time.
Writing wise, after reading a comment on a story I posted on, I agreed that it is too short and weak.  I have been playing around with different POV’s (Point of View) to see if that would make a difference.  That was a second try, from one of three characters.  This time I thought I would take the last of the three and do it in First Person from her point of view.  I wrote a scene that way. 

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