May 15, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Today, I did the morning journal before I left for the photography class.  There were no new inspirations from it.  I went to the digital photography class and stayed at the Renaissance Court until it was time for chorus rehearsal, at 1:15 PM.  While I was waiting, I used the computer there to look up my emails.  

We had a good practice.  The director, Tim, had some new stuff for us.  He keeps trying out pieces up to the last week of our concerts.  If we do well on something new he brings in, he will eliminate one of the songs that we used in another concert.  We have a piece from Aida, an Irish folk song, and Caravan to give you a little sample of the globe spanning repertoire of the concert we will will give in June. He takes the concerts very seriously even though they are only for senior citizens who come to programs at the center.  Many people, especially young adults, would not put anywhere near that kind of effort into it and would not really care how we sound. We aren’t important to them.   Tim brought me a CD for a surprise I will have for the concert.
When the practice ended, I got a nice piece of chicken and spinach lasagna, cooked there in the building for the cafe.  Then I came home, after taking a look around at DVD’s and CD’s in FYE.  I did not buy any of them.
When I got home, I did a rewrite of a poem I had on one of the writing Web sites, because I received a comment that the rhyme was not good through the whole poem.  Some lines are longer than others and have more syllables.  The commentator felt I should make them all equal with the first stanza, which was the most regular.  I had thought about that last night and come up with a few changes.  After I did that edit, I changed it again.  I think the last version, the most regular, is too regular, however.  I am going to have to get another opinion on that, like I did on my last poem.  

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