May 13, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Today was a really good day for me.  My creative juices were flowing well.  As I was doing my journal; ideas, for the story I wrote the scene for, began coming into my mind.  I now have named the characters and begun a plot. 

In addition to that, I did two book reviews for Children’s Literature.  I reviewed Amy’s Light by Robert Nutt who did photo illustrations of his daughter for the book.  It is published by Dawn Publications and the story is about a little girls who is in her bed fearing the dark, when she sees light coming in her window. The yard is full of lightning bugs.  I won’t give away the rest of the story.  If you want to read my review it will be on, but I don’t know when.
The second book is What I Look Like When I am Surprised.  It is only about 100 words, with one to three lines on a page and full page photos of children showing how they look when they are surprised.  As I mentioned in the review, children will have fun mimicking the expressions.  It is by Joanne Shepherd with photos by Maura B. McConnell and published by The Roen Publishing Group, Inc.
I also wrote what would be song lyrics, to enter into a contest has going.  I was to use  "A Note to Self" as the title.  Mine is about a man who had an argument with his wife and is thinking about it at work.  When he opens his lunch, he finds a note from her apologizing to him.  He writes a note to himself to buy her flowers and remember how much he loves her.  The chorus goes "A note to self, so I won’t forget the things that I must do.  A note to self, lest I forget how much I love you too."   

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