May 8, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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After I wrote the blog entry last night, I did listen to the WBEZ recording of the Poetry Cram.  I did not sound like I think I do.  The mike was not as close as it should have been so I did not come through very strongly, but I didn’t sound as nervous as when I shared the story I wrote at the Goodman workshop program.  This had a much larger audience than that did, so, I overcame some stage fright.

This morning, on the bus ride downtown I was getting several writing ideas.  I made notes of them in a llittle notebook.  Before I go to bed, I may work on at least one, otherwise I will have written nothing but this blog entry for the day.
I went to the Digital Photography class and we learned more about the memory card of the camera and how to take pictures off that card so it can be reused over and over.  I took some more pictures and video of a duo performing at the Music Around the World program that is put on every Friday at noon at the Cultural Center.  I used up the full card, so now I have to decide how much of what is on it I want to keep.  Some are already on the computer, but I kept them on the cameras card in case I wanted to have them printed, or made into a CD, or something else.  I thought  it would be easier to do that than having to take them off the computer.  It is also easier to take my camera to show someone pictures, than to bring the netbook.  When I want to show important pictures, I will show them from the computer though, so they can be seen larger and better.
In the afternoon, we had our chorus rehearsal.  This coming concert in June, we are going to have instrumentalists playing with us and not just Tim, our director playing piano.  He is looking forward to that more than we are because he said he will be able to sing with us too then and we need more male singers. The woman outnumber them about 5 to 1.  They have goo strong voices though and sit in the front closest to the microphones, so they can be heard even over all of the women’s voices.  So, that was my day today.   

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