May 6, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Well, I not only had a full day, but I also had this evening unscheduled.  I did write this morning.  I worked on an essay on what God told me about the subject of humility and included an acrostic of the word.  Trying to format it to put on a web site took the rest of the morning.  Between reading emails, doing that essay and getting it formatted it was 3 pm before I realized it.  I played a couple games of Scrabble online, (or one and a half because I came in for a computer on someone’s game), sorted some papers and listened to Michael Savage on the radio.

When his program ended, I looked to see what was on TV, not much good but channel 11-3, (or maybe it was 2) had a program on The Ultramind Solution, so I listened to that.  It was pretty good.  The doctor, who uses holistic medicine, talked about vitamin and mineral supplements we need, because even if we eat whole foods they are not as healthy for us as they used to be before our use of chemicals.  He did not say how much of what vitamins and minerals are needed.  (There has to be some information you can only get from his book or he couldn’t sell it).
What I liked the best, and is the easiest advice for me to follow, is keeping the brain active.  Reading, doing puzzles, and learning new things are all necessary to keep the brain in optimum health.  Being a writer, this is natural for me.  Acting on the other advice is not so easy, but worth trying for at least six weeks, as he suggests.  By the end of that time, the practices should become habits and there should be noticeable improvement in my health and attitude.  While I am in better condition than a lot of other people I know, there is always some room for improvement.    

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