May 5, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Today I did not have anything scheduled for the day and it seems really odd.  I was so busy the last week of April with only Monday being a free day I believe, that I keep feeling that I am missing something.  I used to want more free days and look forward to them, but now they are a problem, because there are so many things I feel that I should do with that time and I seldom do even one.  Today, I did type the draft of the other children’s story though, so it wasn’t totally wasted.  

Then, tonight there was the book study, (I’m going to stop calling it a Bible study).  We are reading a book titled Enough about managing money so we can be better stewards of what God has entrusted to us.  It warns about the dangers of consumerism and the ways in which we waste money.  One of those was eating out, which I have been doing a good deal of lately.  I do get the cheapest meals I can, unless I am craving something more nutritious or have a desire for a particular type of food, but I still spend more than I should doing that.  Today I got the McChicken sandwich, side salad and sweet tea at McDonald’s.  It only cost $3.32 with tax, but a meal from home would have been cheaper.
I don’t like to grocery shop much anymore, because I can’t buy all of the things I would like. I hesitate to buy too many fresh vegetables, because if I am mostly eating out, they sometimes go bad before I get them used.  Plus, I like food that is not going to take me time to prepare.  I usually wait until I get hungry before I even think about eating Then, when I cook, I nibble while I am doing it because I am too hungry to wait.  I don’t want to eat it then when it is cooked, because I’m either not hungry anymore, or it is too late in the evening.  I have to save the food I fixed for another day.  While I like the idea that I will have a meal ready to heat and eat the next day, I do not eat well the day I am cooking it.
So, that was the extent of my day today.  I don’t know what I will write tomorrow. 

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