May 3, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did not do any writing until now.  In the morning I had to get ready for church. Pastor gave another sermon about how we need to share Jesus with others.  But, as he said, if we do not the Holy Spirit still testifies about Jesus and how many people in Iraq and other countries which are anti-Christian are still being drawn to Christ at the risk of their lives.  God is at work, as he said.

After church, I went downtown to attend a concert of the Chicago Chamber Orchestra at the Cultural Center. The concert was "mostly Mozart" with a piece by Father McKenna, who used familiar Irish hymn tunes.  He was there and gave his own introduction. On the bus, I made some notes about ideas that I may want to follow up on and write about.
I spent a couple of hours copying some of these blog entires to a blog I opened on  I thought it may get read more there, especially if I promote it. That’s all I have to share now. 

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