May 2, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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We began another month today and in a few more days I should see my poem story in the online magazine Bumples.  I guess I will have to wait till June for the payment since they said I’d get paid in May when it was going to be published in April.  But, just getting the poem published will be a great achievement for me.  I’m getting excited now and wish I could speed up time, just for a week.  I would not want to speed it up on a permanent basis.  Most of the time, I would rather slow it down.

I did not type my draft last night or today, and did not create anything new to share about.  I did, however, remember an acrostic that I had done many years ago explaining my understanding of what a passage in Philippians means.  I was bothered by the idea that we were told to humble ourselves and put other people ahead of us because my self esteem was low and I knew that was not right.  I couldn’t understand how one could put someone else over oneself and yet have a positive self image.  The Holy Spirit explained it to me and I wrote HUMILITY as an acrostic and shared it with a Bible study at the church I was attending.  
Just the other day that same passage came up in a devotion I was reading and I remembered having learned that lesson.  I wondered if I still remembered the words I used in the poem and how I explained what it meant.  I did.  Now, I am going to have to put that out on the Internet so others can read it.  I don’t think it would sell to a publisher, even a Christian one.  When I do put it on a web site, I will post the link here, so anyone who reads this can find it if.  My writings are on, (the same as what is on triond) and  I think you would need to open an account with them to view material, but they are free.  If you open an account with any, or all of them, you can not only read what I, and others, have written, but you can post your own material too.  If you have a lot of friends who will read what you have to say, you can even make a little money.

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