April 30, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did get my story in the mail after all, I forgot that I did that at the post office downtown before going to church Tuesday night.  Now, I have to wait until I hear back from the instructor to see what I am to work on next.  And about work, I had always heard that one of the advantages to having a work at home job was that one could work in their pajamas.  That is just what I did yesterday and it felt good.  I stayed in and in my pajamas all day.  The scene I had thought of, as a revision for the short story I mentioned in my last blog, became a complete draft.  The words were just flowing.  I even figured out a Dummy Sheet for it in case I get to use it for an upcoming ICL assignment.

Today I went to the journal writing group and tried to share with them yesterday’s blog entry, but I had not known how to get it to print.  I discovered, when I got there and began reading, that the ends of the sentences were cut off..  Tonight, I learned that I could not only copy it into Word, but was also able to enlarge the print as well, so I will have good copies to share next week. 
I took my poem to Brown Bag Poets.  I still did not get what I felt were good suggestions for a title.  That, and the spacing of the lines are causing me more of a problem than the writing of the poem.  It sounds weird, doesn’t it?  I am sure that I am not the only writer who has found this to be true though.  That’s all I have to share today.  It makes up for the long one I wrote yesterday.

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