April 30, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I can hardly believe this is the last day of April already.  We did not have as many showers as we sometimes do in this month but the flowers bloomed before May.  We have our own tulip festival downtown in Chicago now, thanks to our Mayor and his wife.  The planters on Michigan Avenue and State Street are full of beautiful tulips of all colors.  We do not have a parade, etc. like they do in Holland and Pella, Michigan, but we have so many other parades and celebrations, we don’t need one for that.  Next weekend we will be having Celtic Fest.  It used to be held in late summer and at the far south end of Grant Park, but this year they got it changed to May and will have it at Millennium Park, so it should get more attention.  The little bit of Scotch Irish ancestry in me likes that fest almost as much as the Italian ones, which aren’t held in the city now.

Today I did not do any writing, at least not yet.  I am taking a course on digital photography and our second class was this morning.  So far I have not learned anything new about using the camera but I am understanding more of it’s potential.  We have been assigned to take the same picture with all of the different scene settings on our camera to see what they do.  I have not seen a noticeable difference in what the camera shows, but I don’t know if it would look different if they were printed or viewed on a larger screen like the computer or TV.  We are going to find out how to do that next week.
After the photography class, I had time for lunch before our chorus rehearsal.  We are doing a geography theme for our upcoming concert,  with a wide variety of music from around the world and about locations around the world.  We have a wide variety of styles too, from opera to "oldies".  It would take a lot more practice for me to learn the songs we sing in other languages.  I try to follow the words but can’t read them and the notes at the same time and don’t know how to pronounce the words.  I do the best I can though and do sing the English lyrics well.
Since, as I said, I have not written today, other than my morning journal and this blog entry, I do not have anything else to report about my writing.  I will be typing my draft of the other story either tonight or tomorrow.  Then I will write about that, or if I got some new ideas. 

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