April 28, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I went to the writing group and shared my latest poem with them.  I did not get any suggestions that I liked for a title, maybe Brown Bag Poets tomorrow will come up with some better ones.  After the writing meeting, I went to church.  We were to be studying a book, but the Holy Spirit had other plans.  I almost did not get there at all.  The buses I took were incredibly slow.  When I was almost there I waited for another bus for a trip of a distance I often walk, but did not feel like doing do this evening.  I kept criticizing myself for not having gone a different route, which would have been faster, and not walking, etc.  I had to tell myself that what was done could not be changed, so why was I getting all worked up over it.  I also reminded myself that I don’t believe in accidents and mistakes.  Whatever we do, or do not do, has a reason only God understands.  Anyway, our meeting was to start at 7:15 and I did not get there till 7:45 pm.

The group was not in the room we usually meet in and I found them in a small chapel.  There were several other people there who have not been coming to our group and I wondered what had brought them there.  Pastor was addressing one woman by name, assuring her of God’s love for her and that He will be with her as she undergoes an operation in the morning.  He called her to come to the front of the chapel and asked the rest of us to come and lay hands on her and pray while he anointed her with oil.  This is not a normal custom for us to practice and her family members, which had come with her were extremely emotional so I got the impressed the operation would be quite serious, probably a case of life or death.
After we prayed for her we left, so I was not there very long.  I asked the woman who drove me home about it and she said they had not expected that. Pastor had come to tell them this woman and her family were coming and he wanted them to pray for her.  I thought of how many of us almost did not make it. Several woman were not feeling well and were tempted to stay home and I told you how I almost did not get there.  I was even considering going back home, because I do not like to come in so late.  Obviously, Satan had been trying to keep us away, but the Holy Spirit made sure that we got there.  So, Satan lost the battle.
I did not write yesterday and did not mail my lesson because I left the house later than planned.  This morning, however, I awoke thinking about another short story I had used in previous ICL course work, which goes way back to a childhood story I made up.  I thought of a new scene to open it, and that will become my next picture book project.  I had thought, when I was sending it to publishers and getting rejections that it was not good.  But, recently I read that magazine editors will reject material that is more suitable for a picture book and that may be why they did not take mine, besides it needing revision.  Anyway, I am going to go to work on it now.  

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