April 22, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Since this is meant to encourage people, especially myself, to follow dreams of writing which had long been ignored, I think I should start with this article in the Guardian newspaper from the UK.  The article was printed on April 15.  The headline reads "Little-known 90-year-old wins $100,000.00 poetry award."

Eleanor Ross Taylor, born in North Carolina in 1920 just won the American Foundation’s $100,000.00 Ruth Lilly award, equivalent to the lifetime achievement award given to actors.  She won many prizes for the six books she wrote over 50 years, but her books are out of print now, so she is not known to many of us.
That was a real encouragement to me.  As I say, "It’s Never Too Late!"  I am expecting to live to be at least 100 years old, because I have asked God for that and He said He will give us the desires of our hearts.  I also believe that I will receive recognition as an important writer in my lifetime.  I may see Jesus return.  Ever since I was a child I heard preachers saying that my generation may be the ones who will see Him return.  Then it sounded pretty unlikely, but as the world changes so rapidly now, the things I could not imagine have come true, and I got a very distinct message this morning in my devotional that it is true.  
I used to think about that possibility, when I heard the evangelists talk about it.  Then I was afraid that if that was true, I would not be ready.  I pictured myself trying to hide, as Revelations says people will do, because I would be ashamed that I had not done what He asked.  I would not want to face Him.  Today, however, I have no such fear.  I know I would excitedly welcome Him.  I thought of how Simeon and Anna, two elderly people mentioned in the New Testament prayed that they would not die until they saw the Messiah, and they were alive when Jesus was born and brought to the temple to be dedicated.
I don’t remember ever praying to be alive when He returns, but I did pray to live to be 100 and I was thinking about being alive when He returns, so I think God was even then telling me I will be.  
So, now, like Simeon and Anna waited and expected to see Jesus, I am waiting and expect to see Him return.  What could be more exciting that that, just thinking about it gives me joy!  It is better than waiting for Christmas as a child.

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