April 21, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I thought there was another financial seminar I wanted to attend at the main library, but I had my days mixed up.  It is today.  I did decide that I needed to get to work on my story for my lesson and I checked out the instructions for submitting it.  I did not do much editing, only a few words.  

In the evening there was a Bible study at church, which is more of a Christian book study than an actual Bible study, but we are reading a book called Enough, (I don’t have it here to mention the name of the author).  It talks about Americans suffering from two serious sins "affluenza"  and "credit-iitis".  The focus of the book is to remind us that if God, through His Holy Spirit, is in our lives that is all that we need to have a happy, successful life, and he (the author) will give us advice to help us overcome the temptation to put things in God’s place.  Pastor has given us homework to memorize Bible verses which are in the book and to think about the questions the author raises at the end of the chapters so we can discuss them next week.
When I got home, I was keyed up, as I thought I would be, and I began to retype the draft of my book in the format that the course wants us to use.  I also put a couple of my poems on  One had just been rejected by Poetry Magazine.  I played around on the computer program in the site to try to get one of the poems to look the way I wanted, and it was pretty confusing and frustrating, but I did get it looking better, centered but with some words directly under each other because the first letters form a word going down.  I forget the name of that kind of poem, but they are fun to write.
Today is the financial seminar I thought was yesterday, so I will be going downtown a little later.  This one is supposed to explain how we can cut our mortgage and credit card bills and get out of debt for $1.00.  I know this is one of those debt reduction services where they get the banks to lower the interest rate and the payment is set at a specified amount which is paid to the company, usually, who then pays the creditors.  If there is one that charges only $1.00 for that service, I want to find out who it is and see if it is the one the financial advisor e-mailed me about Monday.

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