April 19, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did not write again, not counting the blog entry.  After I did that yesterday morning, I went to writing forums and read many poems and articles written by some of my favorites and the time flew by.  Before I realized it I was past due to leave to go to tag for the Children’s Benefit League (specifically Blind Services Association).  I was supposed to take over for someone else at the Wrigley Building at 2 PM.  I was a few minutes late getting there and did not see anyone there collecting.  I finally called the office of the association and they called the tagger who, they found out, had left.  I was asked if I could go to another location, so I came back downtown and stood on State Street

I was outside from a little after 2 to 4:45, and I finally gave up.  It was really cold and I hadn’t taken gloves, so I had to alternate putting one hand in my pocket to warm it up.  When I finished that, my friend called me, and she picked me up.  She likes to drive over to the lake-front to sort out papers in her car.  She brought some leftover pizza and I ate that while she went through her papers and talked about her work.  Then she drove me home.
While I was in her car, I noticed that when I talked I was hearing an echo sound in my head that came and went and she said I sounded congested.  I knew It was from being out in the cold that long.  When I got home, I took two allergy pills, drank chamomile tea and went to bed earlier than usual without spending time writing.  I did feel better in the morning but then it was time to get ready for church.and I did not write again.

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