April 17, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did go to see the movie Hurt Locker and there was a discuss and discover group afterward.  I stay for that but I don’t discuss my opinions, because other people are quicker to respond.  I need time to think about the question before I would open my mouth to say anything.  If I agree with what someone else said I am not going to just say I agree, and if I disagree I prefer to keep that to myself and not risk starting an argument.  I did not say debate on purpose because few people know how to debate, most people view disagreement as a personal attack on their character and they become extremely emotional and defensive, to the point of being belligerent.  I prefer to avoid that.

I found the movie very good, because it illustrated the psychological effects war in Iraq is was having on the soldiers.  This doesn’t get reported, except when it results in serious actions like suicides, murder or abuse of a spouse, family member or friend, serial killings or other bizarre behavior.  We don’t know about their internal struggles to remain sane, unless we have an intimate relationship with someone who has had that experience.
After the movie I rehearsed with our chorus. Then, I stopped to watch the Puppet Bike performance.  I always find it interesting how many people enjoy those performances, from the youngest babies to senior citizens, like myself.  Even teenagers, who used to feel above such childhood things, are now watching and enjoying the show.  Many tourists stop to watch and they take pictures of the puppets and themselves with the puppets.  Yesterday, one of the puppets came up with a camera and pretended to be taking pictures of them.  Everyone laughed or smiled.
I did not do any writing.  I was about to late at night, as I usually do, but our power went out.  It was total.  I read a little, with a flashlight, remembering when I used to stay up past by bedtime doing that as a child, but I couldn’t write that way.  Of course that made a nice excuse too for the part of me that was procrastinating.  The power was back on early this morning and Com Ed trucks are two blocks down.from my apartment building.  They have been making a lot of noise for at least 4 hours.  I will be glad when they finish whatever they are doing.

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