April 13, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Yesterday I went to the library to return DVD’s and I took out some others.  While I was there I used the computers to keep up with any new e-mails.  The Bumples magazine still hasn’t put out their issue.  I read some articles by friends I made on Triond and commented on them, but the public computer would not let me get into any other sites I needed to sign up with to make comments on, like the Redeye newspaper.

I bought paper and ink for my printer and this morning I printed out the draft of my story.  I did not do any writing, however, except for the blog.  Today I intend to go to a presentation on Go Green for Earth Day, at the Cultural Center Department of Aging location.
I may have comments to make about that tomorrow, so if you are reading this and are interested in what I think about the presentation read my next blog.  I will probably share them in the journal writing group as well.  I haven’t written a new poem for my Thursday group yet.
This morning I was sent an e-mail reminder that I had not visited in over a week, so I went to that site to check them out.  I read some interesting newsletters by them and some articles by new members.  I commented on those.  I also found out that an anonymous donor upgraded my membership from the free basic level to a paid membership for three months, so someone must be impressed with my writing.  I only have one short story on that site so far.  There are a couple of articles that keep getting rejected from that I may post on this site.
I still have articles up for review with constentcomment and I have not received a reply about a poem I submitted to Poetry Magazine, nor do I know yet about Cram 8.  As I said, that is the frustrating part that tempts me to give up.  As long as I can keep doing this blog, though, I can’t give up.  What would I have to write about?  This is about my attempt to achieve my dream and how it is beginning to look as though it may come true, but it certainly won’t if I give up again.  I wasted too many years already and don’t have that many more left. 

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