April 12, 2010

I’s Never Too Late!

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Yesterday morning, in my blog, I mentioned that I was going to the Creative Chicago 2010 Expo.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from it because I had not been to it before.  It did focus on people who were already in the creative arts rather than those interested in trying to get into it, like myself, and most of the attendees were college students or those just out of college, but I was impressed by it.  

The "vendors" were not selling products, but services, and there was a wide variety of resources for visual, written, or performance artists.  There were even realtors who had studio space to rent.  Other resources included companies for authors who want to self-publish their work, recording facilities, literary journals, writing associations and my favorite, a circus school.  I always liked trapeze acts and thought it would be fun to do.  I enjoyed using the rings in our grammar school gym classes and was very fond of climbing and hanging upside down on jungle gyms.  I talked to the woman at the desk.  She said they have no age restriction and there is a 67 year old in their classes. So,  if I find out it is something I can afford, I may venture into it, at least for a few classes.
Most workshops were not of much use to me, but I did find an exceptional one and another very good one.  Bite-Size Arts Ensemble, The Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship put on a class on "Imagination Training."  Using their artistic talents, including juggling, they told what they learned through practicing their arts and how they formed the group to pass on that information to others.  They encouraged us to use an Improv technique called "yes, and" when making decisions.  Rather than making excuses for why we can’t do something, we were told to say, "yes, and" to even the most strange ideas that come to our minds
The exceptional workshop was one called "Cultivating Shamelessness" by Philip Huang.  I won’t describe it because you may have a chance to attend a workshop of his one day and I would not want to spoil it by giving away his teaching technique.  By the next time he does another one though, I expect he may have changed what he does.  I had a choice of that or "Sell Yourself Without Bragging" being presented at the same time.  I picked the right one.  It was fun and inspiring.  I need to be moved out of my comfort zone.  That’s another reason I’d like to try the circus act school too.
When I got home, I typed up another scene for my story.  I have one more to go and will need to do a bit of editing and cutting the word count down. Then I can send it in to ICL for Pegi Shea to review.  In her last letter, with my second assignment, she told me that a book she wrote 15 years ago had been chosen as the One Book One San Diego selection.  I would like to reach that level of recognition, and if I can cultivate shamelessness, I may have a chance of getting there.  

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