April 7, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Yesterday I mentioned that I have been doing reviews of children’s books.  That was my writing of the day.  I did not work on my story, except to type up what I had written in longhand .  I separated it into scenes, to see how I am doing on word count and get an idea of how I would set up a dummy book and storyboard for it.  As for actual writing, I reviewed a book What Will Heaven Be Like?  The book was published this year by Harvest House Publishers.  It was written by Kathleen Ruckman and illustrated by Greg Hardin and Robert Vann.  It is about a brother and sister visiting their grandfather on his farm and what he tells them about what heaven will be like as they go about the days activities.  In the back of the book is a page of Bible verses about heaven and suggestions to parents and teachers about how to explain them to children ages 5 to 7, or near that age range.  The, almost full page, illustrations are very colorful and detail what is being described in the story, with the kids being typical kids.

One thing about the book did sort of bother me, though.  Why did the grandpa have to be living on a farm?  Have you ever noticed the emphasis on nature being the place where we find God.  It may give the appearance that God isn’t in cities.  I was born, and lived all of my life, in Chicago and I know that is far from true.  I resent that implication.  Yes, there is evil and corruption in cities due to the number of people living in them, but I don’t think there are many practicing pantheists around who believe that God is in all of creation.  Yes, we see His marvelous works of art displayed through what He created and we can appreciate His greatness more as we do, but it was Adam and Eve who were created in the image of God, and we Christians believe that the Holy Spirit lives in us.  So, God is in cities.  He is everywhere people are, because He is in us.
Even people who do not know God yet were created in His image.  How could we love, show kindness to one another, create wonderful pieces of art and literature, invent things which haven’t yet existed, know how to treat illness, (whether through our "modern" medicine or herbal remedies practiced through centuries), or do any of the creative things we do unless we got the ideas from the one who made us in His image.  Why would people be willing to give up their lives trying to save another, as one of our firemen did recently if it was not in response to God, in the form of Jesus, giving up His life to save us?  
You don’t have to go to a forest, park, or farm to find God.  All you have to do is look at His people.  Let’s not forget that.

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