April 4, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Happy Easter to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ, or if you don’t like using the pagan name, Happy Resurrection Day.  I know many churches are trying to accustom their congregation to using that term, because Easter came from the name of a pagan goddess, who we do not worship.  I just finished coloring (Easter) eggs for myself.  It is almost the only time of year when I eat hard boiled eggs.  I also bought jelly beans and chocolate covered marshmallow eggs yesterday. and put them in a small basket.  I told you I am still a kid at heart.

I just looked at my e-mails and got bad news.  A story I had submitted for a contest to have children read the stories and be recorded doing it, did not make it to the short list of 50 that were chosen.  I was sure that Smories would like it.  They have another contest this month, so I may try again.  As their e-mail stated the rejection did not mean that what I wrote wasn’t good, they just had too many entries to choose from.  If there is anyone reading this who has not heard of them, you may want to try entering the contest.  It’s free.  Of course, I shouldn’t encourage anyone else to enter because it would lower my chance of winning, but writers help each other.
I’m still eagerly waiting to see my other story in the Bumples magazine.  The new issue hasn’t gone online yet.
As I said, I am working on an ICL course of writing children’s books and hadn’t started lesson three yet.  Since my book will be for early readers and not very long, I m to submit a complete rough draft.  I had been putting off working on the actual writing, because I needed to read the lesson material first to get all of the advice they give us. 
I began writing the opening scenes yesterday.  For me that is the easy part.  It is the middle, where the conflict had to come in that becomes hard, because I am a very non-combative, noncompetitive person.  I will really struggle with that, but when I get past it, the ending will also come easily.  That is a relief.
So, that is all I have to share today.  I am now on my way to church.

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