March 29, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Back at home, I had to look for work again. I still wanted to get into some sort of media position and I got a job working for a hobby magazine.  It was a small magazine with a small closely knit staff and I enjoyed working with them even though I was not writing advertising as I had hoped to be doing.  Their circulation was shrinking and they had to get rid of staff, so of course being the last one hired I was the first to have to go.  The editor did, however, tell me about a recording studio and recommended me to them.  I was there for awhile, but I could not take the sexual teasing that went on and when I complained I was fired.  I was too young and naive to consider filing any kind of law suit against them, there were no other workers who I could have support me as a class action and when I was interviewed I had been warned that the atmosphere was not what I was used to.  I also really liked the staff and did not want to cause trouble, so I simply let it go and went on to look for other work.

That was when I wound up working at Chicago Title Insurance Company and Chicago Title Title and Trust Company, their affiliate.  When I started there I was in a small division and felt very comfortable.  We got along well and my manager had plans to have me trained to take on greater responsibility and move up, but the company decided they did not need that department.  That happened a couple of other times where either the whole department was closed or they had to downsize and I was the one who had to leave. I finally became a policy typist when they still used typewriters.  We had ones which would work in duplicate, as we typed another typewriter was automatically reproducing what we were typing so we had two copies.  Then the company computerized.  I will continue that part of the story tomorrow.  I know this is not about my writing, but I need to share this background to explain why it has taken me so long to follow my dream.    

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