March 28, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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While I was still working at the law school, I was looking for opportunities to get into Christian service.  Somehow I found out about an organization called The Christian Service Corps.  It was modeled after the Peace Corps.  People would raise support from sponsors and go into a training program.  At the completion of the training they would be assigned to work for two year periods at a mission.  That would give these people a chance to see if they felt a call to become career missionaries.  If they did, and the mission they were at wanted them, they could stay on where they were.  If there were no full-time openings with that mission, they could return to the center and they would be given help to find another mission.  Generally the people who applied were either right out of high school or college.  I did not feel I wanted to leave the United States, but the information I got said that they were starting a television and radio broadcasting studio and needed writers, so I applied for that.  

I will spare you readers details of what transpired when I was at the headquarters of the CSC except to say that the plans for the broadcasts never did materialize and I never had the writing opportunity that I had expected.  I did clerical work in their office in Washington, D.C. and then was sent to Lancaster, PA to help with a Mennonite radio broadcasting station.  Having lived as an only child I was not accustomed to sharing rooms with others, as I had to at CSC and in PA, and I was not a good roommate.  Because of that, it was decided by the CSC staff that I should return home.
My father was not a Christian at the time and he was very upset that this organization had treated me in this manner.  However, I believed it was for the best of both the organization and myself.  I believed, and still do, that God works everything out for our good.  It did make me more cynical and less trusting, however.  If I keep writing about this I will end up giving details that need to be kept quiet, so I will end the blog entry at this point.    


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