March 27, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I have just come from seeing the movie Julie and Julia and I was thinking of how I would like to start a blog the way Julie did and hopefully someday I too would be asked to write a book.  My problem is that I had no idea what I knew enough about, or had enough interest in to make an interesting blog.  Then, I came up with my subject, "It’s never too late," to follow a dream.  That is what I am in the processing of doing now at the age of 64.  Since I retired at the age of 62, I have regained an interest in a childhood dream of mine.

Even in elementary school I had the idea that I would like to be a writer.  English was my favorite school subject.  I loved writing essays, but would do them at the last minute because I did not like doing research.  I received my best grades in English classes and got A’s, B+ and rarely B- on my essays.  My friends and I would often make up our own stories based on TV shows and movies that we saw and I would entertain them with stories and puppet shows.  I put together a little book of some poems and I wrote a play.
By the time I was in high school I was having doubts about my ability to achieve that dream.  We were told we had to write about what we knew and as I led a very sheltered, boring life, I felt that I did not know enough.  My interests were too diverse to narrow down to specialize in any one field and I took liberal arts.  A reason I did not like to do research was that it would become so interesting if it was a subject that I liked that I would get off the track.  I had trouble deciding what approach to take and what facts to use.
My parents could not afford to send me to a four year college and did not feel that it was necessary and neither did I at the time.  I had read many times about writers who did freelance writing without having college degrees and I thought I would rather do that.  My parents encouraged me to go to junior college, which gave two years of college courses, and then get a job and save my money if I wanted to go on to a full four year college. I found out the the junior college was really teaching us what we should have learned in high school and much of the credits earned there were not transferable to other colleges.  I did take correspondence courses in writing while in school, but could not get any job in journalism, radio or television without having a college degree or being a student studying that field, so I had given up the idea.
I’ll save more of my story for a later blog, but for now I will say that I am writing again and enjoying it.  I want to encourage other senior citizens who may have had dreams that they gave up on to go back to those dreams and give them a chance.  It’s never too late!     


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